Metroid,Spider-man,Kingdom Hearts & Movie Recommendation!

Been a bit busy on a bunch of screenplays so I havent had much time to update on any games I’ve been playing! I’ve been playing a lot lately so I’ll just write a paragraph about my thoughts of the game and a score!


Well, I must say I loved this game quite a bit. It was a short adventure, took me about 8-9 hours. Though there is still a little bit more to do and collect after the game is completed. A lot of people complained about Samus having a voice and more of a different personality. Honestly, I enjoyed it. The game has great gameplay, and bosses. Though the graphics are bit underwhelming and under par other Wii games. Some areas do look very ugly and the camera can piss me off. Overall It’s a must for all metroid fans. Everyone else it’s definitely a rent! My verdict? 8/10

Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions

As a huge Spidey fan I did enjoy this quite a bit. I do buy every spider-man game. I loved it, but its far from the best Spider-man game. I honestly think Web of Shadows was more fun this gen but this is a better well made game. Amazing boss battles(some of the best) and killer moves. But its brought down by an awful camera and lock on system. There are also a lot of glitches and the bosses and spider-man repeat the same lines over and over again way too much during gameplay! It was annoying! But playing as different Spider-men were awesome! Noir being my favorite! The game was way too short. I blew through it in 8 hours. Overall I’d had to give this game a 7/10.

Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep

Not even done yet and all I can say is AWESOME, AWESOME, AWESOME! Im currently playing the game as Aqua. I blew through playing as Ventus and Terra and holy shit is it awesome. I’ve played overall almost 30 hours. Sure, the story is convoluted and a bit stupid. But the gameplay and graphics are sublime. Except for the awful camera! Yes, 3 games with awful cameras. Just my luck! Overall I recommend this for all Kingdom Hearts fans. I will write more on my thoughts when I am finished with the game. But if I had to score it from what I played? Its an epic 9/10.

Also I’d like to say another movie everyone should go check out is Machete!

It really was a fun movie that shouldn’t be taken seriously. Definitely made for the macho male demographic. If you fit in that you’re gonna have a good time watching Danny Trejo slice up of fools. It’s light on story but high on action. All of the film is really shot, and done well. Check it out if it’s still playing.


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