The Town

This movie rocked.

Just want to start out by saying this is easily one of my most favorite films of 2010. Also possibly a huge runner up for the 2010 oscars. After Ben Afflecks directorial debut with “Gone Baby Gone” he has proved once again he’s no one hit wonder. He’s a fantastic director who also puts on quite a good performance here as well.

It’s essentially about a guy named Doug MacRay(Ben Affleck) who robs banks for a living with his crew of three other men. One of which who is only important to the story, his name is James Coughlin played by Jeremy Renner (starred in the Oscar hit The Hurt Locker) and puts on easily one of the best performances in the film. They rob a bank and takes the bank manager hostage (Claire Kessey played by the hot Rebecca Hall). Well it doesn’t go to well for her. They eventually let her go and she becomes emotionally scarred.

Doug and his gang try to keep tabs on her because they believe she is the only one who can easily rat them out the feds. Doug eventually falls in love with her and tries to protect her from the gang, though she doesnt know Doug was one of the ones who held her up at the bank. So its essentially about Doug protecting the woman he loves from his insane best friend James and not getting caught by the FBI’s Special Agent Frawley who is played by the bad ass Jon Hamm. He is easily my favorite character in this film. Words cannot explain how cool he is.

Bad ass

The film has great depth to the city of Boston and it’s well written characters. There are also quite a bit of high tense heist scenes which kept me on the edge of my seat. They were really well done. One of which in particular is done in the films climax which was bloody brilliant and an adrenaline filled ride.

I loved this film, as will most of you probably will. It’s that good. Well written, acted, and directed. Each character has a certain well rounded depth to each of them. It all comes together in one well rounded package. I expect this film to take home some awards. I’d have to give this film a solid 9/10.


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