My top 5 favorite Film trailers this year, thus far.

5)Iron Man 2– Trailer

Man, what an awesome trailer. It looked funnier than the first, more action packed, great villain, and even a little bit darker. Mickey Rourke vs Robert Downey Jr. AND War Machine? How could you go wrong? Well apparently they still did go wrong because this movie was disappointing as hell. The final fight with Whiplash was pathetic. If there was a huge epic fight against him the film would have been more enjoyable. Even then there was never really anything at stake in the film, it was rushed, and the whole “making new element” scene was STUPID.

4)Scott Pilgrim vs The World – Theatrical Trailer #2

Oh man, everything I love in life put together in one film. Comic books, anime, video  games, all blended together in one sweet, awesome, and epic package. I was sold the second I saw this trailer and become one of my favorite movies ever. Yes I saw it 7 times in movie theaters.

3)Inception-Teaser trailer

I love this trailer more than the full theatrical trailer. This was way back when not many people knew what inception was. The first time I saw this I could not wait for it. Sure, I had no idea what it was about. But the music was intense, Christopher Nolan is directing, and I see Joseph Gordon Levitt fighting some dude all over the place in some hotel building.¬† The mystery of it all really sold me on the film. I was happy to know I was right about the film, because it was fantastic. And ok, so maybe this trailer came out in 2009. Who cares! The movie came out in 2010! You’ll let it slide right?

2)Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows

Holy CRAP! A trailer for both parts of deathly hallows looked fantastic. Deathly Hallows may have not been the best book in my opinion but it is looking to be the best films in the series. Its looked to be filled with the most action and emotion. The film is also looking to get a lot right so the stupid Harry Potter fanboys and girls can stop bitching about “buh dey changed tu much frm dah book! dey took outa battel scen in teh half blud princ!” Yeah, stfu. It’s a movie. It cuts out all of the filler crap in the books.

1)The Social Network

The first time I saw this trailer, I was intrigued. It had to be one of the most well put together trailers I have ever seen. Every time I watch it gives me chills down my spine. The music, along with dialogue, and the tension of the scenes in the trailer all come together in a very strong and intense trailer. The trailer has such a raw emotion to it and everything looks so well acted. Every time I watch it I feel my heart pace a little bit faster. Bravo to the person who edited this trailer.


2 responses to “My top 5 favorite Film trailers this year, thus far.

  1. Great post! I just LOVED Scott Pilgrim, they did a great job of translating the comic on the big screen. I agree with Iron Man too. I was pretty much obsessed with Inception. The Social Network trailer looked good and apparently it IS good in real life. The Harry Potter the trailers gave me goosebumps! I’m already standing in line for that. I’m about 85% sure I’m going to cry in the movie too, I’m such a sap lol.

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