My top 10 favorite Sonic games. #10-6

Well in celebration of what looks to be Sonic’s comeback in the next upcoming months (Sonic the Hedgehog 4 and Sonic Colors). I am counting down my top 10 favorite Sonic games.  Finally Sonic is returning to his roots! Enjoy!

#10) Sonic Adventure


Well I can say this game hasn’t aged too well. Especially after playing the version on PSN. Note: it’s a port of the glitchier Gamecube version with glossier polygons and what not. But the original Dreamcast version still gives me some awesome memories. At the time when it was released it blew my young mind into pieces! It had multiple characters, most of which I really didn’t care about beside Sonic & Knuckles. But it was worth it playing as all of the characters so I could unlock the awesome Super Sonic chapter! F- yeah! To this day I still enjoy the Sonic levels. But the over world kills me! I still love the story about Chaos though. Give him all 7 emeralds and he’s meant to destroy the planet. Quite awesome, IMO.

#9) Sonic Adventure 2


Man, did I love the original Dreamcast version. This game made everything awesome about Sonic Adventure and made it better and took everything that sucked about Sonic Adventure and either made it go away or suck a lot less! Well except the Knuckles levels. Those were hard as hell in this game! As a kid this was a freaking Sonic movie COME TO LIFE. The cutscenes were awesome. I loved the plot and Shadow. This was the only game Shadow was awesome in.

Man, when I saw Dr. Eggman blow part of the moon up my jaw dropped to the floor. The production levels were like anything seen in a sonic game before, and no other Sonic game has topped that epic moment. The final chapter unlocked in this game was also quite emotional too. This game as a kid made me cry my eyes out when Shadow sacrificed himself to save the planet. This game at the time was unbelievable. Too bad it was brought down by the Tails/Eggman and Knuckles/Rogue levels. If it were only Sonic and Shadow as playable character is may have been one of the best Sonic games of all time. DAMN YOU SONIC TEAM!

#8)Sonic Heroes


Not many sonic fans like this game too much. I don’t know why. Maybe its cause they bought the PS2 version(runs like ass). This game is SWEET on gamecube. It had a huge emphasis on Speed and Platforming. Didn’t have a over the top story, and it brought Metal Sonic back as a main protagonist. I loved this game and I loved the bonus stages to get the chaos emeralds to get the REAL ending. I felt this was the only 3D sonic game thus far to bring everything back and they got real close. My only real complaint is it had some control issues. Also it had the best Tails voice over ever. Dammit, why cant they get that voice actor back. Tails sounded so…epic. I feel like I like Sonic Adventure 2 more as a game because of the memories and cutscenes but this game is just overall a better game because it isn’t bogged down by slow shooting or open world levels. Just pure running and platforming.

#7)Sonic Advance


Not much to say about this one, except it’s awesome. Throwback to the awesome 2D sonic games, it had great graphics, awesome, playable characters, and great level design. If you’re a Sonic fan and you haven’t played this game you’re missing out. It’s so good!

#6)Sonic The Hedgehog


Yeah, weren’t expecting this one so soon were ya? The game that started it all and gave Mario a run for his money and Sega a huge boost in popularity. It’s one of the first games I have ever played and I must have played it when I was around 3-2 years old. It was love at first play and I became hooked on games ever since. It had great music, great speed, challenging platforming and a bad ass main character. Though I must admit, this is hands down the hardest game in the series. Game over and you’re done! Back to stage 1! Better rack up some continues and lives cause you’re gonna need it. This game is not for the faint of the heart!

Look for #5-1 tomorrow! What are some of your favorite Sonic games?


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