The Social Network Review


So one of my most hyped movies of the year finally released. Did It disappoint? I can confidently say…HELL NO. The film was fantastic and may very well be one of the best films of the year.

The movie is of course about the creator of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg played by Jesse Eisenberg (LOL at their last name). It’s about his early years in Harvard and the early creations of the website with his best friend Eduardo Saverin played by Andrew Garfield. Then later Zuckerberg meeting and eventually working with Sean Parker played by Justin Timberlake to create some revenue for the website. But the film is a hell lot more complicated than that.


Eduardo Saverin(Andrew Garfield) and Mark Zuckerberg (Jesse Eisenberg)  standing together


The whole movie is essentially flashbacks all leading up to one huge climatic flashback at the end of the film. The beginning of the film and through out cuts back and forth to Zuckerberg being sued by his best friend Eduardo and the Winklevoss’s for ‘stealing’ their idea for facebook. Now if you dont know the story as to why Zuckerberg is being sued by his best friend or how exactly why the Winklevoss’s think Zuckerberg stole their idea I wont spoil it at all. I’m going to keep it spoiler free because the whole film really does build up to quite a devastating climax.

The Social Network

Sean Park to the left played by Justin Timberlake


Now first I want to say why I love this film so damn much. The script my Aaron Sorkin is bloody brilliant. It’s evident by the first 5 minutes in the film with a dialogue exchange between Zuckerberg and his “at the time” girlfriend. The dialogue is fast, snippy, smart,hilarious, and brilliant. It moves the film along at such a great pace and leaves the film and it’s characters never boring. Each of the of characters are very well written, with great performances of it’s actors to carry it along. My favorite being Andrew Garfield portraying Eduardo Saverin as he is the most sympathetic and most likable character in the film.

Next, the music was phenomenal and intense by Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross. The music in this film is hands down the best original music I’ve heard in a film all year long. The whole film has this very dark, gritty, electric style to it. It really gets you into the movie and the mood. The music is worth a purchase.


The cinematography in this film helped bring the music to more intense heights considering the very dark, and grim look to the film. The color is very subdued, and it comes across gorgeous. It really helps sets the vibe. The films pacing, look, and music really make it come across as a thriller. Which is strange, yet unique.

Lastly, the direction and acting were superb. Everyone did a great job in this film. The performances were easily the highlight. Everything about this film was simply believable. Fincher’s direction really helped move the film and it’s actors along. I was really surprised by Jesse Eisenbergs performance. I could not believe what a fantastic job he did as coming across as a the perfect snarky, sarcastic, misunderstood asshole. Andrew Garfield does a great job as coming across as the sympathetic character we all care about. Timberlake does a fantastic job as well showing us he is a jack of all trades. Timberlake’s character comes across as a charismatic, energetic guy but really is just a sleazeball.


How can such a non-social man, make something that brings so many together?


Fincher proves us time and time again he knows how to make a fantastic film. This film isn’t about Facebook. It’s about the creation, friendship, betrayal, capitalism, business and about a generation. It all works together in a perfect film. One filled with a perfect script, great performances, pulse pounding music, hilarious and smart dialogue and strong vision from a great director. I recommend everyone see’s this film. It’s one of the year’s best.

Overall. 10/10


One response to “The Social Network Review

  1. Awesome review! I was excited to see this movie from the trailer alone. The trailer def sold me and made me believe there was more to the movie then what was being show. I hate when trailers give away the movie, or all the funny/scary parts so when you see it its not even funny.

    Thanks for this Zenexo! I am thorougly excited to see this film now.

    Keep em’ coming!

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