My Top 10 favorite Sonic games. #5-1

Sorry, I took so damn long. I was really busy with a lot of work and I had to reassess my top 5 favorite in the series. And it came out with some interesting results. So since there was quite a wait. I made it pretty damn beefy!

#5) Sonic Rush



This game is hands down one of the best Sonic games to be released since the original entries. It’s fast. Has brilliant music, great platforming, sweet boss battles, and great secret levels. Oh yeah and it takes place on two screens on the Nintendo DS! The only gripe I have with the game is that playing as Blaze the Cat is pretty worthless and way too slow. The game should have been only Sonic, that and the sequel was pretty disappointing. But the game was still one of the best of the best despite these flaws. Like c’mon. Just check out this song!

Best Carnival song in a Sonic game EVER and possibly some of the best music in the entire series. Imagine hearing this sonic while you’re running at 300+ mph and tell me it doesnt make your blood heat up a few degrees. It’s that good.

And this one? Oh man, do I even have to bloody say anything? Just listen. Music to my ear holes.

#4) Sonic & Knuckles



Now I was very confused as where this game should be. Should I combine it with Sonic 3 since they’re meant to be played as one game or should I put it as it’s own? Either way, the game is bloody amazing. The usual sonic staples like great music and level design. But the best thing about it is that the game consist of two separate stories. First with Sonic taking literally seconds after Sonic 3 then Knuckles story which takes place after Sonics stories. Cool stuff. As a kid this game was my all time favorite because of playing as Knuckles. Also the lock on system was sweet! You could play Sonic 2 with Knuckles or play Sonic 3 the way it was meant to be played. All of Sonic 3 and then leading in Knuckles thus the title of Sonic 3 & Knuckles.

I am obsessed with this song to this day. Best boss music ever.

This song is another one of the best in the series. Completely intense.

#3) Sonic the Hedgehog 3


Now there is no way I couldn’t put this right after Sonic and Knuckles. By it’s self it may be only half a game but what a half a game it is. I love this game for one huge reason. Introducing Knuckles. Man, did he show up as one bad ass villain and a great doppelganger opposite of Sonic. Just when you’re one step closer to Robotnick Knuckles comes and ruins your day. What a bad ass. Let us not forget the music is done by Michael Jackson. Yeah no joke. Too bad they had to take his name off the credits because of those molestation issues. Now I wanted Sonic 3 and Knuckles to be the top spot but it didn’t seem fair.

So I decided to put them right next to each other on the list because you can’t buy both on the list in one package. No, they’re sold seperately. But if you put #3 and #2 together on this list you get Sonic 3 & Knuckles. A game that is a worthy contender for number 1. If only they released it as one game! One thing I’ll never understand about this game is why did they change the special chaos emerald stages and make them nearly impossible? <— A link to the Michael Jackson to Sonic 3 music comparison. Crazy stuff.

This is my favorite song in the game!

This song is pretty damn pimp too. I’ll never understand why they changed it for Sonic 3 & Knuckles.

#2) Sonic 2



Now I want to say this game is damn good. Took everything awesome about the first and cranked it up into overdrive. Better music, new moves, new power ups, and better levels. This game of course has the best level design in the entire series and some of the best music. Lets not forget the introduction of one of my favorite sidekicks of all time. The cute, young and lovable Tails. Gotta love that kid. One of the best sequels of any video game franchise. It’s most peoples favorite Sonic game and highest selling for a reason.

My only gripe is when you collect all seven emeralds and collect 50 rings you have to jump to turn in Super Sonic. Unfortunately for me, it makes getting through Sky Chase nearly impossible.

My favorite level song.

and who could not forget this awesome jem? Beautiful

Fucking A! This is the original ending theme song with lyrics. Out of place for a sonic game? Kinda, but this song was created when Tails was originally suppose to be a girl. Yeahhhh. Still a great stand alone song.

#1) Sonic the Hedgehog CD






I believe this game bridges the gap between Sonic 1 and Sonic 2. The game that not many played but a whole lot of hardcore Sonic fans love the most. A game that’s not even created by Sonic team it’s one of the most interesting and unique in the series. The game also introduces our favorite Sonic nemesis. Metal Sonic! Ohh. The final chase scene with him was unlike anything in any of the other games. A true enemy that at first gave Sonic a real run for his money. The game also introduced a clingy love interest for Sonic. Amy!

The game has multiple endings because of the whole time travel aspect. Basically the whole point of the game is to travel back to the past in the levels and destroy some of Robotnicks machines to save the the future and present. Depending on how you play the game the overall out course of the game changes. Yes, it’s possibly to play this game where Dr. Robotnick actually succeeds in taking over the world. Creepy. But c’mon, you gotta save the world and go the past and save the world.

The game also had some really sweet music. The songs were different from the North American version than to the JPN/EU versions. But both versions have pretty damn sweet music. Many of which people consider to be the best music in the series. The game had a lot of different music since there were so many levels. There were Seven levels each with 3 acts all of which had a past, present, and future to them all with different music and level design. Also depending on your actions on the previous level they change the outcome of the levels you play after. Insane right? The game is brilliant and deserve the top honor not only being my favorite in the series but one of the best.

Here’s some music, and game play footage if this amazing gem flew over your radar.

Sweet opening

The awesome japanese music of the first level

This is the same level but the north american version.

See the difference? Both are awesome in their own right.

This game also has a sweet special stage!

Well that’s all for now folks! Lets see how Sonic the Hedgehog 4 and Sonic Colors rank up when they launch really, really soon!

So what are your top 5 favorites? Shoot off in my comments.


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