Sonic the Hedgehog 4 (Iphone) thoughts.

So I just picked up the game this morning on iphone and played through the first zone and half of the second. And I can confidently say, Sonic the Hedgehog is back.

The game is fun, plays well, isn’t broken, no dumb voice acting. Just good ol’ running and platforming. Finally, a true Sonic entry since Sonic & Knuckles.

I love the  special stages. Its similar to the chaos emerald special stages in the first game. But you have to use the iphones accelerometer through a path to get the rings. They’re challenging, but fun. I’m wondering what the console release special stages are. I’m assuming they’re going to be different because the stages in this version make use of the iphone. Perhaps a throwback to the Sonic 2 special stages?  Or perhaps they’ll be the same as the iphone version just with different controls. Who knows. Looks like I’ll find out this tuesday when it releases in HD on the PSN  network.

Another interesting thing is that the boss battle with Eggman are like ones straight from the original games. Except with a twist. When you piss Eggman off enough he goes berserk, does new tactics, and anything to kill you. Awesome stuff.

I do have two minor gripes. One of which has nothing to do with the actual game but with the iphone. I’m playing on a touch screen and the game on certain points can be slippery as hell. Touch screens are not good for games like this. The iphone should not be considered a serious gaming platform with touch screen controls with games like this. D-pad and buttons, please. The games controls on the iphone can be trouble. But I’m not worried about this problem translating to the wii,ps3, & 360 versions because we get to use a controller. I have Sonic 1 one my iphone and its controls like ass. Something that wasn’t a problem with the original at all.

Also Sonic takes a little too long to get top speed. Most of the time I need a boost to achieve it. Minor gripe but I would have preferred to see Sonic’s running looping animation much more. Perhaps the console versions wont have this problem. Either way the game is still blazing fast.

Anyway, words cannot explain my anticipation for tuesday. Oh man! What an awesome, triumphant week for Sonic fans everywhere. Hopefully Sonic colors can keep the magic running when it launches this november.


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