Sonic the Hedgehog 4 Review


Well, this tuesday I got my hands on the PS3 version of the long awaited Sonic 4. Taking right after the events of Sonic & Knuckles, its time to stop Ivo Robotnick down once again! Let me start by saying as you all know, I am a huge Sonic fan. And I mean huge! I’ve never stopped being a fan since 1991! I’ve stuck with this little blue guy through all of the good and the bad. And I mean bad! Im looking at you Sonic the Hedgehog (2006) *shudders*. Man, that travesty was almost 4 years ago?


Welcome back Sonic-Kun, Welcome back.

Anyway, ever since the Dreamcast failed and Sega gave up the console war, Sonic was damaged in the process. Besides the handheld games released since(which are amazing) Sonic was never the same. It seemed as if Sega and Sonic team were throwing in the towel and just didn’t care anymore. It made me sad inside, but I still stuck with Sega. I just knew in the end they’d pull through for an old genesis nut like me. Psh, Nintendo was for kids! Genesis was for awesome people!

Well, Sega & Sonic Team. You guys pulled through. You did good. You made an old fan very proud. Almost to the point of tears. Guys, I love Sonic 4. Sonic is back. He’s truly back. Sega, please dont let his name be tarnished again.

He’s back to his genesis roots but they’re a bit different. They changed the physics to go with the beautiful new graphics engine. Sonic is much more tighter to control. He doesnt instantly run like in the old games. Instead Sonic starts off in a walk, yet he goes to top speed REALLY fast. Faster than the old games. Which is odd. But, I’m not complaining. Personally I preferred the slippery controls from the original but I don’t think it would have worked as well in this new game so Sonic Team by all means keep it.

Anyway, in this game there is only Sonic. No glimpses of Tails, or Knuckles or any of the other losers. Just my awesome Sonic with his “I don’t really give a crap, but really do on the inside” attitude. I’m hoping in the next game ONLY Tails or Knuckles make an appearance. I would like it if Tails could follow you in Episode 2. That’d be sweet!

Well time to get back on tract. The game has 4 Zones. Each consisting of 4 acts (3 levels per act, One boss level per act). There is also a final zone with all of the previous bosses and one final epic battle against Eggman. There is also seven painfully hard secret levels for chaos emeralds. And I mean painfully hard

sonic 4

Each act and boss is something paying homage to a previous game, and its awesome. The level design in this game are fantastic. Each zone has something new and unique that the other one doesn’t have. The Lost Labyrinth has some cool in the dark segments, puzzle solving, and high speed mine cart riding. The Casino zone also has an awesome level where most of it consist of lining up cannons perfectly to get to the next.

The bosses are cool and the later ones are challenging until you get the hang of them. The final boss gave me a run for my money until I realized an easy strategy to beat him. Then it was a piece of cake. The game is a bit easy now that I think about it. Not necessarily easier than the previous installments though. But slightly. If we count only the original then yes its substantially easier. On the other hand the special stages easily surpass the original in difficulty. And that’s saying something. But unlike the original this game has a save system and a level select screen so yeah, it makes the frustration a lot less of a problem. But I thank the game for that. Nothing like getting to the end of a Sonic game just to have to start over right? Damn you, original game 1991 Sonic.

The game also has great tunes. They get really close to the originals. I already have a few songs stuck in my head already. The game really does have an amazing soundtrack.  The music reminds me of the first and second game a lot. It brings back so much memories. Great music, a staple every Sonic game should have. This is no different!


I dig the games graphics. It looks crisp and clean in 1080p. Nice, sharp, and colorful. Literally, almost no jaggies. Sonic looks fresher than ever. It looks bloody gorgeous on my 50inch Plasma.  From the second I saw the rings rendered in gorgeous HD I couldn’t help but say wow. Yes, I had a geekgasm.

All in all, I am pleased. If you don’t like this game then you obviously weren’t a Sonic fan and should GTFO now. With Episode 2 coming in 2011 and awesome Sonic Colors later this year, its a great time to be a Sonic fan. Finally, all my years of waiting have paid off. Bravo Sonic Team, bravo!

Overall. 9/10

Here I leave you with some awesome Sonic 4 tunes.

This will get stuck in your head too!


*2013 update*

Going back through my blog I feel I overrated this game a bit due to the hype. I still enjoy the game but it’s about an 8/10 or 7.5/10 for me now. Some of the music is good, some of it’s bad and some of physics are quite off. That being said the game is highly under appreciated.


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