Kick Ass 2 #1

Rejoice Kick Ass fans! The sequel has finally launched! Waring! Contains Spoilers!

The cover to Kick Ass 2 you cant find anywhere

First I want to say I am a huge fan of the original comics. Much superior to the movie, though I do very much enjoy the film.

I have to say the wait was worth it. It finally came out. It starts off right after the first took off. We first see Kick Ass training with Hit Girl in a boxing ring so Kick Ass can toughen up his skills. Throughout the issue we see Kick Ass has gotten a lot better and takes out a group of thugs with ease with his signature batons.

Dave(Kick Ass) narrates once again and he alludes to some things that we’re going to be seeing throughout the series. Apparently we find out in about two pages Kick Ass’s identity gets leaked and his house gets blown up, someone very close to him is permanently brain damaged (we don’t know who), and a giant showdown in Times Square between Kick Ass’s super Hero group and Red Mist team of deadly villains. Oh man, what promise! Oh let us not forget Dave is still obsessed with Katie! Yes, for those of you who’ve only seen the film Kick Ass does not get the girl! Not to mention Hit Girls adoptive father Marcus grounds her for still hanging around Kick Ass and stashing weapons in his house. Hit Girl promises to never fight crime again and decides to cut ties with Kick Ass. Leaving the audience confused about everything he decides to take everything back to the beginning of how it all began!

When Kick Ass finally starts off from the beginning we see him roaming the streets with a sidekick. He’s looks awesome and his name is Doctor Gravity. Unfortunately he doesn’t do much. He tells Kick Ass some people on Facebook are wanting to put together a team of super heroes. Kick Ass agrees to it and trying to get Hit Girl to join she denies and says “we cant talk anymore.” Kick Ass is taken to Doctor Gravity’s hideout at the end of the book and we are given a glimpse of this new super hero team. All of which look awesome thanks to John Romita Jr.’s beautiful art. The team is named “Justice Forever.” And then boom it ends. A short summary of the comic’s plot, obviously.

Overall I was pleased. I cant wait to know what happens next though we are given glimpses very early on of what is yet to come. I can’t wait. The first issue had me laughing out loud in a lot of moments. With it’s myspace references, now even facebook and twitter references. Its funny and gives us a fun, bloody, story. Oh I just hope the next issue doesnt take months to come out!

Overall 9/10

Now I have to pick up Superiors #1, Nemesis #3, and Solider Zero #1. Great time to be a comic fan!


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