Comic Book Reviews: Solider Zero #1, Superior #1, and Nemesis #3.

Welcome to my comic reviews! I’m very late of these, but not too late. They came out this month.


I don’t think god awful quite covers it. Ok, so maybe the words god awful seem unprofessional. I don’t care, it’s that bad. I can’t believe Stan Lee was part of the creation of this but it’s pretty safe to say he lost his touch. It’s about a crippled guy from of the wars in the middle east dealing with his life and future after the war. By the end of the story an alien costume just so happens to crash land when he was on a roof on a “date” with some chicks who’s name I can’t seem to remember. The suit attaches himself to him and it seems to create a dual consciousness within the main character. Oh, and he can walk in the suit. How surprising.

The characters and story seemed incredibly cliche and generic. The art was very average and the story just seems incredibly boring. Could it get better? Probably. But as of right now it’s up to a very bad start. Overall 3/10.



From one of my favorite comic book writers Mark Millar this one was a lot better than Soldier Zero. It’s about a young boy named Ollie Janson  with multiple sclerosis. He use to have the life! A lot of friends, awesome basketball player, etc. until he couldn’t move his legs anymore that is. So here we have another story with a disabled person as the main character and I feel this one works a little bit better because he’s still a kid and it’s only a matter of time before the sclerosis attacks him even worse. The boy realizes all of the things he took for granted and you feel bad for him.

But this is where things get weird. One night laying in bed a strange monkey looking thing comes into his room and grants him a wish. With this wish the boy becomes his favorite super hero Superior! It seemed to me very strange and random how it happened. And when he becomes this hero he literally looks like the actor who plays the hero in his universe in the movies. I don’t like the fact the boy transforms into someone else entirely. Mark Millar says himself he got the idea from Big starring Tom Hanks. Personally I would have loved it if he became an older version of himself with super powers. I think that would have been a better choice. It’s one of the reasons why I thought this first entry started out simply ok.

Besides him becoming into Superior not much else happens or is explained. His mom thinks he’s missing and he flys to his best friend’s house as Superior saying how much trouble he thinks he’s in to his best friend. His best friend of course is completely shocked that Superior is in front of his window and has no idea what the hell is happening. And then it ends.

I loved the art and the story seems to have potentional but I’m still a bit skeptical on how it will go from here. Overall I’d have to give it a 6/10.


Nemesis #3

Man, if you aren’t reading this series already what the hell are you doing with your life? This series is sick, twisted, and fucking bad ass. In this issue Nemesis has to break out of prison which he actually set up himself but without giving much away he fucks over his arch enemy Blake Morrow even harder and escapes from jail in one of the most bad ass and gruesome ways I’ve ever seen. Serious I’ve never seen a single main completely mutilate hundreds of prison guards in a matter of minutes. This is just the right mix of sick and I fucking love it. I cannot wait until the next issue. It’s looking to be the best yet.

This series is being made into a movie as we speak and when it does it better be fucking gruesome. Not like how they pussied out with the KICK ASS movie. Seriously read the comic, it’s much more SICK! This series is proof Mark Millar isn’t getting soft.


Overall 8.5/10


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