Paranormal Activity 2

Just want to start off by saying I do not enjoy the first film. So I got dragged into this without much excitement or expecting anything much better. Surprisingly, I did get something better. I felt this film in many ways was a much better film.

The film is part prequel/sequel. I came up with the term Re;quel. Cant really give away much but the film I felt over had a better cast, better actors, better effects and much better scares. I caught the film in IMAX and the sound system was of course insane. It really helped the film. Where is the first one doesn’t try to scare you until the very end, this one gets you very early on. There were such better creepy moments. The film also tries and add more story to the overall premise to this and the first movie. In many ways after watching this, it makes the first film better.

I hear that they are already planning on a third one. I’m hoping they don’t pull a saw series and keep going on and on cause it makes good money. I’m hoping they honestly stop and take time to make the third film as best as they can be and use that to cap off the trilogy. But I highly doubt that. Because judging by the end of this film, it’s not over.

I had a great time but it’s not for everyone. If you completely despised the first one from beginning to end then you’ll hate this too. If you hated the beginning of the first one but enjoyed the ending then you’re probably going to like this one much better.  If you loved the first then you may or may not like this better than the first. From the beginning of this film I thought it wasn’t very good and would be boring like the first. But the more it went  on , the more I really got into it. I was never genuinely scared, but I was impressed on some of the things that went off on screen. I was startled many times and a bit freaked out at some moments. But never trembling or scared. But it will most people.

Overall 7.5/10


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