127 Hours review

Yes, I finally got a chance to see 127 Hours starring one of my favorite actors James Franco and directed by one of my favorite directors Danny Boyle. Does it go wrong? HELL NO! This is a fantastic film that delivered.

It’s based off a real story of a mountain climber Aaron Ralston who gets his hand trapped by a boulder in the canyons of Utah. He’s completely stuck there and it’s about a mans will to survive. That’s about it for the story. There isn’t much else to say without giving anymore away.

The film is filled to the top with a fantastic performance from James Franco. He makes this movie, and really showcases his stuff here. The film is a great character study, inspiring, and moving. This film makes the unwatchable, watchable. Though some scenes may be way too gruesome for many to sit through. Without giving much away, it gets bloody on how this guy tries to escape. The film is a roller coaster ride of emotions, yet by the end the story managed to leave me with a huge smile and feel damn good inside. One realizes all of the things you take for granted.

The film is brilliant directly by Danny Boyle by mixing pieces of James Franco’s portrayal of Aaron Ralston’s future, past, and present throughout the films hour and 30 minutes or so of running time. Danny Boyle once again shows us he’s one of the best directors of our time by releasing yet another great movie. I’m dying to see it again and I just know I’ll enjoy it even more.

I recommend it to everybody if it’s playing near you. It’s one of the best films of the year! Here’s hoping James Franco wins an oscar!


Overall 8/10


One response to “127 Hours review

  1. thanks for the review i gotta check this out, didnt really know how it would be but it sounds great. “Hows the pie?” “So good.”

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