Tron Legacy, the sequel to Tron and directed by first timer Joseph Kosinski released over the weekend. Easily, one of my most hyped films of the year. Not only cause it looked phenomenal from the trailer but because Daft Punk was scoring the music to the film. The film it’s self isn’t the masterpiece I was expecting but still came out pleased and was left with my ear pulsing from the intense Daft Punk score from the IMAX speakers.


All of you should know the story from the trailers. Kevin Flynn (Jeff Bridges) from the first film and creator of TRON goes mysteriously missing one night when he leaves to work leaving his only son Sam Flynn (Garret Hedlund) an orphan to live with his gran parents. Sam now 27 years old hears from his fathers friend Alan Bradley (Bruce Boxleitner) whom is another star from the original that he was contacted via beeper from  Kevin Flynn at his old office at his old abandoned arcade. Sam goes to investigate looking for his lost father and gets transported into the grid and that’s where the plot really begins! Also this is where we eventually meet the gorgeous Olvia Wilde playing Quorra.


First let’s start off what I feel the film gets wrong. The script. Around the mid-half of the film it starts to slow down and that’s where majority of the story is explained. The script has a lot of exposition and other parts of it are maybe either silly, or doesn’t make much sense. I can’t really say much with out giving away a large piece of the story, that and a lot of it is quite a bit to remember after only seeing the film once. That being said I was so enthralled with the action and imagery in this movie the script was the last thing on my mind. I didn’t really think of it till the next day and even then it didn’t seem like a game changer in me enjoying this film. But this is Tron, if you’re expecting science that makes logical sense, you’re wrong. Some critics are out of line citing the film’s script is a “mess.”


I felt the villain CLU and his motivations should have been revealed earlier on. You don’t hear about it until closer to the end of the film and by then it’s a bit too late already. Also the dialogue could have been better but it’s nothing I felt personally brought the film down. Kevin Flynn(played by Jeff Bridges) and his dialogue seemed very “Big Leboski”-ish which seemed out of place of everything.

Another thing that bothers me is that some critics who didn’t enjoy it have been calling this film soulless. I don’t agree. I really enjoyed the interaction between Kevin and his son Sam seeing each other again after decades. It was emotional and didn’t overdo it. I felt a connection there and to me gave the film a human element amongst all of the CG.


Now sure the faults are in one of the biggest aspect of the film, the script. It’s a shame because if it had a stronger script it could have easily been a 10/10 masterpiece. I can only hope a sequel is made and has a stronger script.

Now let’s look at what the film gets right. It absolutely NAILS the visuals, like CGI, 3D, and scenic, and costume design. The film is absolutely gorgeous to look at and there’s always something that looks freaking awesome in every shot. The action scenes are shot beautifully, and are quite exhilarating. The light cycle scene may just be one of my favorite scenes of 2010. It was absoulely bad ass. The first 30-50 minutes of the film are very action packed. It of course slows down in the second act and for the climax we get a final chase sequence that I wish was longer. Nitpicking aside this film delivers on the senses. There isn’t a single film that will deliver a better visual and audio experience this year. Who ever designed the helmets in this film deserves a nobel prize for awesome.


Last but not least the music. Daft Punk crafts a masterful orchestral score mixed with there electronic signatures. The overall experimentation of it creates a sound that really gets you into the movie. Daft Punk really shows that they’re versatile with all types of music. They delivered and fans will be pleased. The music played a HUGE part to the action seen on screen, and a huge chunk of the films entertainment. More so than most films. Now, am I saying this because it’s Daft Punk? Believe it or not, no. If this film had the same exact musical score but was composed by someone else I’d be saying the same thing. I just happen to be fortunate enough to listen to an amazing score that’s composed by my favorite french electronic duo, Daft Punk.

Overall, I really loved this film. The critics seems split on the film. 50 percent enjoy it and 50 percent didn’t. That’s because this film isn’t for everyone. Let’s not mention most of these critics weren’t even fans of the original. This film is MADE for the fans and so far I haven’t heard a fan say they were disappointed. Sure, they’re probably some but I’m glad majority loved it. If this film doesn’t win any awards for CGI, best score, and set and costume design the academy is INSANE.

Overall 8/10


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