Sonic Colors Review

Sorry to leave you guys waiting for so long on this review, considering how huge a Sonic fan I am. Was this the game to continues Sonic’s awesome 2010 streak or did he crash the freight train into an army of rabid Sonic fans?


Well, this game not only kept the train running but it kicked it into overdrive and delivers not only the best 3D Sonic game EVER  but easily one of the best in the series. Sonic is better than ever and better stay that way!

Sonic is back with a new awesome voice by Roger Craig Smith whom is very popular in the video game industry. You may know him as Ezio, or Chris Redfield and many others. He nails Sonic and gives him back his awesome cocky, laid back persona. Oh Tails got a new voice but who really cares about him right now? Back to Sonic.

The story in the game is very simple compared to past 3D Sonic games. Dr. Eggman builds an amusement park in space made out of captured planets and moons from the alien race of the Wisp. Sonic realizing his diabolical schemes comes once again to ruin his plans and bust some robot ass. The story in this game is much more lighthearted than previous endeavors. The story in this game and the way it’s displayed can be compared to a saturday morning cartoon. It’s fun, playful, and never takes it self too serious. Also it has Sonic breaking the fourth wall. If that’s not throwback to the cartoons I don’t know what is.


Now for the gameplay you can see its more like the daytime stages from Sonic Unleashed which were fantastic. You control Sonic in levels that range from 3D to 2D planes, with a boost bar for extra speed. The game is fast but not quite as fast as the PS3 and 360 versions of Sonic Unleashed. But the levels in this game may seem like they’re like unleashed but they aren’t. This game is much more 2D focused. About 70-80 percent of the game is a 2D platformer with 3D graphics with the occasional 3D boss battle or 3D sections of a level. It has a much more old school feel and I dig it, alot. Not to mention the games power ups known as the wisp. They transform Sonic and give him temporary powers that help him go through alternate or faster routes through a level.

I never had a problem with the controls and thought Sonic controls fine at fast speeds and slow speed. He may come across as too slippery for some people. Sonic has a learning curve but once you get the hang of it you become a master and start blazing through levels and platforms like it’s nobodies business. Feels good playing a 3D game where I won’t run to my death or encounter stupid glitches.

Only gripe with the gameplay is repeated boss battles. They’re a few repeats with some new tactics but I always found them fun but besides the final boss they were quite easy. The types of bosses can be split into three types. A running level where you chase the robot and try to get close to damage them while dodging their attacks.  The second being a ship where you have to run through said ship to hit a switch causing the captain robot of the the ship to come out. You face the boss to attack him when he’s open and repeat about 3-4 times until the boss is defeated. The third type of boss is a “ferris wheel” type enemy. It’s a circular robot with a giant face in the middle with dozens of rotating platforms and you have to maneuver his attacks and platforms to hit the robots face in the middle until defeated. Each of these types are repeated at least twice but they look different and have new moves. The final boss (type one) gave me a run for my money for quite. It was one of the best showdowns against Eggman in a 3D game, in my opinion.


The graphics and music in this game are absolutely top notch. It has great music, like always in Sonic games. Some say it’s some of the best music in the 3D series. Sorry but I think Unleashed wins that. But it’s certainly close. The graphics are absolutely fantastic for a wii game and looks almost as good as say the 360 version of Sonic Unleashed which was a pretty game. It looks to be running on the Hedgehog engine and looks flawless on my 50 inch HDTV with component cables. Simply beautiful game.

So you guys should already know what I think about this game. I haven’t stated any gripes. I absolutely loved this freaking game. It has some faults. Some stages end way too short, there are some cheap deaths, and the game ends all too fast. I beat the game under 7 hours. But there is still a lot I have to do. Like collecting all of the secret red stars hidden within a level, or getting all of the chaos emeralds to get Super Sonic and achieving S ranks on all of the levels. That’s going to add at least an extra 5-10 hours onto the game and perhaps more. So for completionist you get your moneys worth.

Overall 9/10


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