Deathly Hallows & Tron Legacy second viewing thoughts.

Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallow- If you read my original review, you would know I was a little disappointed. I really didn’t dig the fact I got a half a movie. Ok, yes I know the movie was always going to be split in to two parts from the beginning. I just don’t really like the idea that I had to wait months just to see the rest of this WHOLE picture. Well, I decided to see it and it felt more like a whole picture this time.

Maybe because I knew what to expect but I loved it a hell lot more this time. Especially after re-watching all of the previous films. I can’t get over how gorgeous the film looks but what impresses me the most is the acting and dialogue. All of it, is quite brilliant. Everyone delivers such a fantastic performance. Some truly top notch stuff. Also the heist at the Ministry of Magic may be one of my favorite moments in the Harry Potter films. I really liked it the first time and I still feel I gave the film a good score. But the second viewing of enjoyment I’m gonna have to give it a 9/10.

This is the score for my second viewing. I still stand my the number of my original review. But watching it a second time I realized it really is a 9 out of 10 film. It’s good. Maybe seeing it the first time, tired as hell was a bad idea. Cause it’s a long film.

Tron Legacy- This is a film I still stand by my original score. I liked it just as much. Only difference is I had listened to the score by Daft Punk a bunch of times before watching it a second time and it was nice to place the music with the images on screen. Also I had watched the original film (which I fucking love!) and made me understand and appreciate it that much more. The film had a good flow and continuation from the first film. This is a film that rapes the sense with music and imagery. It’s a movie that should be viewed in the cinema. Fans, go see it twice, three times, and even more so we can get a trilogy! Bring on more Tron and the return of Sark!


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