The Green Hornet

The Green Hornet, a film adaption based off the original radio and television show. I came out the movie feeling simply ok. It wasn’t the travesty I expected, but it wasn’t all that great either.

The film works for what it was trying to do. It never tries to take itself serious, and is just concerned about trying to have a good time and making the audience laugh leaving the story in the wayside. This works for the casual audience but the film is probably way too silly for the fans. Seth Rogen I felt was a poor choice for The Green Hornet, and is way too goofy, silly and uninteresting to try and be a super hero. It’s Seth Rogen playing himself once again. Give it a rest, guy. Jay Chou as Kato though was an absolute blast. He was easily the best thing about this movie. He was funny and kicked all types of ass.

The film has some great action scenes and are the highlights of the movie. Especially the
“Kato vision” moments where time slows down and Kato bust a group of thugs to the ground. But the story remains lackluster with no real momentum. The film’s story was too simple. Villain wants hero dead, and hero wants to stop villain. There really isn’t much more depth to it.

I had a good time watching. I laughed, and enjoyed the action. But it wasn’t enough to be a good or great movie but simply ok. Too silly, not enough depth, and too shallow. If it took itself a little bit more serious it would have been a better movie. Overall 6/10


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