My Rorschach Voice Impression.

I’ve always had a knack for impersonating my favorite characters since I was kid. I’m starting to realize it may be a talent and have been considering getting into voice acting.

I needed to do a kind of audio project for one of my college courses and I decided to do an excerpt from one of Rorschach’s Journal from Watchmen. One of my favorite graphic novels of all time. The voice is obviously inspired from the film adaption but it’s always how I pictured Rorschach would sound like anyway. I had to add in some extra sound effects for the project to give it a bit more depth than just a voice. I was late on the project so I rushed the sound effects together but I did put quite a bit of effort into the voice. I am pleased considering I haven’t did an impression of this character in quite a while. Also I really don’t have a natural deep voice…at all.

Let me know what you think, I’d like any feedback. I’m going to doing a lot of voice so if this picks up, you better believe I’ll post more. Check it out.


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