The Death of the Video Game Manual

video game Manual Lot

Remember video game manuals? Remember how awesome they were as kid? When you couldn’t wait to get home and play your new game your parents just bought you so you rip off the shrink wrap and start taking in all the information from the colorful, information filled pamphlet filled with cool artwork and information? And that smell, let us not forget that new manual smell.

I know hundreds will vouch with me on this weird obsession.  I loved it as a kid and I always look forward to when I open a new game. That new smell never gets old.  Whenever I got a new game as a kid If I had to use the bathroom before playing  the first time I always made sure I brought in the manual with me. .

But where have all the game manuals gone? They seem to be becoming extinct more and more with each new game. Now we’re left with a single sheet of paper or some online voucher. The video game manual is dying and there is nothing we can do to stop it. It seems like it mostly due to cut cost and the reign of the new digital era. Why waste money on manufacturing a cool manual when we can just put on online? Soon even game cases and disc will be an ancient memory as the digital era comes closer and closer.

video game meme

My love for video game manuals transcends more than just the manuals but the memories that come from it. It brings me back to a time when game cases were boxes and the games were cartridges. Man, I still remember being a kid and trying to redraw all of the great artwork from the Super Mario 64 manual. Back when all games were fun and colorful rather than everything these days involving drab colors trying to be “gritty”. Back when you wondered why they hell there were so many pages for notes. Wait, I still wonder why.

So I dedicate this to all the game manual lovers like me. We must be ready for change at some point. All of our physical collectibles will be but a memory of the past. But let us never forget the art, smell and memories from the good ol’ days of video game manuals.


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