Pokémon X and Y Thoughts


Nintendo and Gamefreak finally did it! They announced the next generation Pokémon game for Nintendo 3DS. Every fiber of my being knew a next generation Pokémon game would be announced this year and they delivered earlier than expected with a worldwide release date for October, 2013. Much sooner than I anticipated.

The game looks exactly how envisioned it too. It’s like Nintendo was reading every Pokéfans thoughts. Everything is finally in full 3D and it looks quite gorgeous. The graphics and animations for battles look fluid and exciting. The overworld graphics could use a bit more polish but still look decent. I see they finally ditched the over the top angle when running around towns or routes. With most likely 150 new Pokémon I’m excited to see what’s new to catch.

Chespin, Fennekin and Froakie!

Chespin, Fennekin and Froakie!

They already announced and shown the three new starters in the trailer: Froakie, Chespin, and Fennekin. Ya know what? I like all three. But whether I like them more than any of the other generations has yet to be seen. You can’t truly judge starters until you’ve seen all 3 forms. Froakie is already my starter. Water Pokémon all day.

It’s gonna be an exciting year for Pokéfans and hopefully this is the revolutionary Pokémon title we’ve been waiting for. Just because it’s now in 3D doesn’t mean it’s gonna be great though. In fact it could turn out to be just the opposite. I just hope the battles are more exciting than in Pokémon stadium. The battles in this game must retain their speed if it still wants to be fun. I am worried that battles may be slowed down too much for attack animations. In Pokémon games you fight in battles constantly but they go by quick and it stops them from becoming grating. This Pokémon game is much flashier than the others and I don’t want to be bogged down with having to see these crazy camera angles and long attack animations every time your Pokémon attacks. I hope Gamefreak makes sure that none of these battles drag on and the animations are cool but short. I don’t need to watch a 5-10 cutscenes every time my Pokémon hits something. The battles need to remain at the same flow of pace they always have.


I can’t wait until new information is trickled down to us slowly. I have so much speculation running through my head about this. What’s the story? What’s the name of the new region?  New moves and abilities? New items? How’s the Online functionality? Are the older Pokémon finally getting new sounds? and so on. Either way October cannot come soon enough. The 3DS has a huge possible homerun on its hands. That reminds me, I gotta beat my Pokémon White 2!


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